What You Need To Know About Your Upcoming Monopolar ESU Operation

The use of ESUs have become very frequent in the medical field now. These devices are cost-effective and much safer because they give doctors the ability to carry out minimally invasive procedures. If you are about to undergo an operation that the doctor has said will be using “monopolar ESU” techniques, here is some information that will help you understand what the process entails.

How you will be positioned

Patients are placed in what medics call an “electrically insulated” manner. For this you will be placed on a dry and insulated surface that will not let through any electricity. They can also sometimes use an OR table pad for this purpose. Your jewelry will be taken off because there will be electrosurgery equipment in use. Jewelry refers to all piercings, other pieces as well as dental prostheses if they can be removed.

Your doctors will let you know that you need to get rid of these items before you come in for the process because taping them over or using a towel over them will not be enough. Your arms and legs will be wrapped in towels so that it does not come into contact with the rest of your body and areas of skin folds like in the upper body where they come into contact with other skin will be separated by gauze.

A suitable patient plate will be chosen

The more common type of electrosurgical test equipment that will be used among others is a self-adhesive split patient plate. If you have any issues about the functionality of these, you should consult your surgeon before the process so that they can take you through what will be happening. Depending on the age of the patient the plate will change. For example the patient plate used on an infant will be much different to the one used on a teenager or adult.

The correct positioning for the plate will be done

The patient plate will often be placed on your thigh, flank or upper arm. Then the doctors will make sure that the current which will be applied to the site of surgery will not pass through the elbows and knees of your body. Doctors will try and avoid any scars or even tattoos that you may have when placing the patient pad because they are sensitive areas of skin.

If you have any active or passive implants

Then you need to have advised you doctor about this thoroughly before coming in for the process. If you have a pacemaker or other type of implant, the surgeons will ensure that the activity of these will not be affected by using bipolar ESUs instead of monopolar ESU surgery. You will also need to have told the surgeon if you have any underlying conditions such as tachycardia or arrhythmia which could be affected. Check out https://www.teammed.com.au/ for more information.