Hiring The Vehicle For The Big Day

Wondering how to hirewedding cars Melbourne for the wedding? The below advice will definitely come in handy:

  • Surprises? – Weddings are always full of surprises for the bride, the groom, the guests, etc. And going by that logic, it is natural that you might want to make the car for the wedding a surprise as well. Of course, if it is for the groom, the dads or the groomsmen, it is all and well. Men will be pleasantly surprised at this kind of surprises, and the most important point – their suits and tuxedos won’t usually suffer from the design or colour scheme of the vehicle. The issue, however, is entirely different in the case of brides and bridesmaids. The women tend to have flowing dresses and colour schemes, and accordingly, even if they take the surprise well, you might find that there will be some issues. It is best to not leave the vehicle a surprise to the women unless you know they are hardcore car lovers or something similar.
  • Brand versus colour – going by the above point, you might find that even if you have a specific preference for a brand or model, you might find that there are no available vehicles in the specific colour scheme of the wedding. Accordingly, when searching for vehicles for the wedding, it might be a better idea to search them by the colour rather than the brand or model. You will find that many sites that allow you to hire wedding vehicles will have an option to filter vehicles by their colour for this express purpose.
  • Brides and wedding cars – going once again by the very first point, there will undoubtedly be problems with bride’s dress or hair not being very compatible with the vehicle. The bridal gown – especially if it is the puffy or long model, or if it has a very long trail – will get crumpled in a small vehicle. On the other hand, the bride might encounter problems with convertibles: the wind can easily ruin hours of work on her hair (and she won’t be happy about it).
  • Chauffeur service – you can ask for a chauffeur for your wedding, but most couples will actually prefer having either the groom or the best man drive the vehicle (the latter two would definitely be overjoyed for such an opportunity).
  • Classic vehicles – if you are picking classic vehicles, make sure to test drive them if you are not planning on hiring a chauffeur (as most of these classic vehicles will have different controls from the automatic vehicles of today). Furthermore, also make sure to warm up the engine on the wedding day by taking the car out for a few miles prior to the event. You can check out more here https://vha.com.au/.