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Advantages Of Gardening As A Hobby

Having a hobby will help you immensely in relaxing and finding peace in this hectic work life we all have. It is essential to spend time doing what you love even for half an hour per day. It could be reading a book, painting, dancing, scrapbooking etc. Gardening is one of these options which are known to be very beneficial for us. So if you have been searching for reasons to start your own little lawn, here are some.

Stress relief
Stress is an unwelcome friend of all. However, it cannot be avoided. We all have deadlines to cover, exams to study for and what not. Gardening could provide you with the tranquillity needed to reduce your stress levels. There is nothing better than seeing the flower beds bloom as time passes. The mental satisfaction you gain by seeing how the plants that you took care of are growing is incredible. The stress hormone names cortisol has been proven to decrease while gardening. You might think that gardening takes a lot of time and effort, however it does not. If you could simply water the garden planter boxes everyday, pick out the weed and take care of them, you could see unimaginable results.

Strengthening your immune system
Soil and dirt may not be the best thing you want on your hands, however it could actually help you strengthen your immune system. The exposure to germs and bacteria in the soil will improve your immunity greatly. Research has proven that kids who have had outdoor exposure are less likely to be victims of disease than kids who have benn confined to the indoors. So if you are a parent, let your kids out in the backyard and you too get out with them. It could be a great time to bond with them.

Gardening workout
The good thing about gardening is that it gives you a workout and you may not even feel it. We all know how dreaded we are of the gym. We hate going on those treadmills for hours. So, try gardening. Statistics show that three hours in the lawn is equivalent to an hour in the gym. Mowing your lawn, pruning the bushes, watering the glazed pots can be great body workouts.

Healthier diet
What could get any better than walking to your lawn and picking out vegetables and fruits for your meals? Well, with the rising prices, this could be beneficial financially. Also it is 100% natural with no harmful chemicals added. It would make you avoid fast food consumption and make you healthier.pots-and-plants